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​The Story of Jo Loves Beauty

I am a Makeup Artist based in London and internationally published and I've worked in the industry for over 10 years. The style I'm known for is effortlessly natural-looking skin. I studied Fashion Makeup at London College of Fashion and with Val Garland at I work with clients across various areas of fashion including editorial, beauty, corporate, advertising and film. I'm a mum, to both a tiny Human and a fur baby and I'm passionate about skincare, makeup and all things beauty, particularly those with a strong eco-conscious and cruelty-free ethos. I've started working as a Beauty Editor around 6 years ago and my aim was always to offer my most honest and impartial opinions on all the products I got the chance to try, without presenting you any negative reviews (if I don't like a product and neither does anyone else I might give it to trial, I simply won't talk about it). I hope this will be an informative and fun space for you all. Much love!

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