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I've had the chance over the last month or so to try a few products from Erborian, which I've wanted to do for quite some time. They do not disappoint with their level of performance.

So below are my notes on (some of) the products I've tried and whether I think they're worth the hype.

SUPER BB WITH GINSENG - Anti-Imperfections Full Coverage Care Cream with SPF20

So this is a little different to what we are used to from a BB cream. With a much fuller coverage than the usual BB or even some CC creams, it's designed to help not only add a bit more coverage to skin that is feeling a bit problematic, without feeling like a full-on heavier layer of foundation, but also the additional skincare benefits it provides will help moisturise and reduce imperfections with a combination of White Ginseng, Fermented Ginseng Flower and Niacinamide. I found it perfect for those days when my skin was in an uproar with blemishes and redness and I felt the need for that extra little bit of coverage. Because my skin gets easily dehydrated, I layered it over an hydrating serum, and it went on smoothly and felt very comfortable, not only on application but throughout the day also, and my skin did look and feel clearer after continued use. My only downside with this particular formula is the shade range. They have 5 shades, Clair, Nude, Dore, Caramel and Chocolat. I tried the Nude shade, and it was just barely on the right side of being too light for my (Winter) skin tone, whereas I feel the shade up, which is Dore, would be far to dark for my skin tone at the moment and more like a shade I might wear in Summer, with a really good tan, albeit being a bit yellow based for me. Usually I'm not fussed when BB creams have a small shade range, as they're usually so light in coverage and with skin tone adaptable formulas, that those shades will suit most people. However, because this particular BB Cream has a bit more coverage than your average BB, the shade range isn't quite as adaptable and as such doesn't feel quite inclusive enough. That is my one downside to this formula. Otherwise, absolutely top marks for performance!

CC WATER WITH CENTELLA - Fresh Complexion Gel Skin Perfector

This particular formula is an absolute winner for me for everyday wear. Super lightweight, fresh and with adaptable pigment formula, it delivers an instant burst of freshness and hydration on application. With Centella Asiatica and Hyaluronic Acid, it helps to deliver long-term hydration, plumpness, firmness and elasticity. I tried this in the Clair shade (the range has 4 shades, Clair, Dore, Caramel and Chocolat), which normally would be too light for me, even in Winter, and ever so slightly too pink based, but because this is formulated with encapsulated pigments, it adjusted to my skin tone seamlessly, delivering light coverage and a gorgeous dewy skin finish, which I love! So even thought the shade range is only 4 shades, they are more adaptable, thus making them more encompassing and inclusive. No SPF in this formula, which I don't think would work for the texture, however, that's not really an issue as it can always be added separately into the routine. I'd say if you prefer a tad more coverage and the added benefit of SPF, you can opt for either the original CC Cream with SPF25 formula or the original BB Cream with SPF20, which is slightly more buildable in coverage. Winner product for sure!

CENTELLA CLEANSING BALM - Melting Cleansing Balm

I love a good cleansing balm! There's nothing quite like it to remove makeup at the end of the day and ensure a really deep, thorough cleanse. And this little pot definitely delivers! Regardless if your skin is dry, oily, or anything in-between, a good cleanse is always essential. Massage it onto dry skin and eyes (it's completely safe and non-irritating, also, a little goes a long way) to melt makeup, dirt or impurities away, then emulsify with warm water to turn it into a milky texture and rinse. I like to remove it with a face wash pad, for a really deep clean feel, but it's not really necessary. Great as a single morning cleanse, particularly for anyone with slightly drier, dehydrated or sensitive skin, or part of a double cleanse routine. This gentle cleansing balm leaves skin feeling refreshed, comfortable and soft afterwards. If your skin is on the oiler side, you can do you second cleanse with a more refreshing cleanser, like the Centella Cleansing Gel, for that fresher skin feel. Also, the balm smells divine!

If you're still on the fence about trying their products, you can opt for the travel sized versions on most of their products, so you're not stuck with a full sized product in case you don't love it. One of my test questions when trialling something new is "Would I add this to my makeup kit?". In this case, some products would be a definite yes, as their skincare is gorgeous, however, even though I don't feel the shade ranges are inclusive enough for me to want to immediately include them, as I wouldn't be able to cater to ALL my client base, I still would as they'd be a great addition for some jobs, such as teens and grooming. So in my humble opinion, especially if you're looking to add them to your personal skincare/makeup routine, Erborian is definitely worth the hype!

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