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Joana is a Freelance Makeup Artist based in London and internationally published who's worked in the industry for over 10 years. She is known for her natural-looking skin and pops of colour looks and her calming, good-vibe presence on set. She studied Fashion Makeup at London College of Fashion and with Val Garland at She works with clients across various areas of fashion including editorial, beauty, corporate, advertising and film. She is also the Beauty Editor for Boyfriend Magazine.


Editorial and Advertising:

Sweaty Betty, New Look, Holm Mag, Fienfh Mag, &Isla, Monocle, Wallis, Donatella Balsamo Jewellery, Gaby Fresh X Playful Promises, TD Links, Mob Journal, Dreamingless Magazine, Wolf & Whistle, Deja Day, Playful Promises, Hustler Lingerie, Luxe Palm Swimwear, IMirage Mag, Raw Mag, Boyfriend Magazine, Feroce Mag, Institute Magazine, RoleModeUK, Marie's Little Jars, EditeurPlus Mag, Sustainable Fashion Journal, Valour Mag, See7. Mag, Rizing Mag, Rebel Mag, Southern Golf Mag, Cosmopolitan, Nupe Magazine, Pants to Poverty, Youth Health Talk, Femme Rebelle Mag, Slippage Mag, Penida Mag, House of Solo Mag, Pentagon Mag, Downing Student Accomodation



Damian Frank, Yoshitaka Kono, Nathan Richards, David PD Hyde, Rachel Marques, Louise Kragh, Richard Bridge, Joao Neves dos Santos, Namal Lanka, Takanori Okuwaki, Carine Ottou, Stefan Yap, Charlotte Ravenblakh, Duncan Longden, Sebastian Popov, Przemek Czaicki (Schadenkind), Brian Rankin, Den Gladkov, Sean Whitty, Krish Nagari, Kamila Cwiklinska, Steve Taylor, Florian Luthi, Danny DaCosta, Sean Wakefield, Daniel Murga, Tiffany Mumford, Si Melber

Film & TV:

Series "Tell Me Everything", Short "The Light", Feature "Streams in Blue", Sotheby's Auction Campaigns, TD Links Campaign, Youth Health Talk Comedy Viral Commercials, Mental Health Awareness Campaign



Maleek Berry, Gunrose, Michael Chitoe, Helena Silva, London Symphony Orchestra

Celebrities & VIPs: 

Veronika Eberle,Francesca Dego, Prince Robert de Luxembourg, Maleek Berry, Bruce Herbelin-Earle, Yuja Wang, Lee Jay Hoy, Sir Simon Rattle, Marin Alsop, Ann Hallenberg, Maria Sakkari, Kristina Mladenovic, Caroline Garcia, Georgia Curtis, Annaliese Dayes, Sebastian de Souza, Laya Lewis, Dani J., Ricardo Pereira, Flor, Merche Romero, Nuria Madruga, Joana Alvarenga, Patricia, Paris Smith, Michael Tilson Thomas, Astraea, Jalle, Crystal, Darin, Lucy Crowe, Andrew Staples, Roderick Williams, Harry Christophers


New Look, Sweaty Betty, Culture Shock Media, Sotheby's, London Symphony Orchestra, Visionaire Pictures, &Isla, Wolf & Whistle, Luxe Palm, Deja Day, Hustler, Playful Promises, Twenty6eighty7, Wash Media, Aaron Mark Stylist, Hughes Models, OBE Worldwide, Boost!Photoshoots, DreamCoat Productions, Media Trust, Boom Models, Estudio N, Pedro Pinto Productions, Zeno G.Productions, No Wave Films, Elle4Lisa, World Gold Council, Reina Cosmetics, Vidal Sasson, Pants To Poverty, Ivy Scarlett Fashion Designs, ACTA Teatro, Jouavel Productions, Fabric Flavours, London College of Style



"Doing makeup is a lot like painting.

 That's why it's called Makeup Artistry.

 The face is my canvas.

 It's about having fun and expressing oneself."

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